The best all mountain routes in Majorca.

When we talked about  Enduro- all mountain, all have "in mind" The Alps or Pyrenees, they are spectacular places to practice this modality, although there is a small detail, are limited by the climate, since only the spring and summer months can ride.

The holidays do not have them all at the same time, and of course not all on  summer or spring.
So I will suggest a place called "The kingdom of the stones",where is it?, On an island called Mallorca, specifically in the Tramuntana mountains range, recently named a World Heritage Site. As much as I tell you, you have to come and ride om it.Is wonderful, rocky mountains with the sea as a neighbor, the dream of a biker.
Routes are short but very abrupt slopes that require high technical and physical level. An example would be the tracks of La Trapa,  Planissi ...

All mountain routes in spain.