Correct setting of the Stem

The Stem is a part of our bicycle that can  significantly change the way we ride it.  Having an  inadequate Stem can be uncomfortable and even provoke pain to our back and arms, and  make our bike difficult to control.

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A long and  high Stem is more comfortable because our back is more upright, therefore it's an option whilst riding easy tracks or asphalt. On the other hand a low and short Stem  is much more efficient  for technical and aggressive cycling.

The standard measure used by the new bikes is of a length between  120 mm. to 130 mm. and an inclination ranging from  0 ° to 5 °. whenever we are talking about XC  bikes.

For Enduro or Down hill bikes we will use the stem as short as possible in order to have the most control over them. On the otherside, we always have to keep in mind that a comfortable position, whilst riding, is very important.

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