The benefits it brings mountain biking to our health.

If you are looking for what the benefits of mountain biking are, it's probably because you don't  normally practice it and you are curious to see what  it could bring to you.

To benefit from cycling on a mountain bike you don't have to do long distances or ride every day of the week. Mountain biking regularly, three days a week, an hour each time, causes positive changes in our organism, some more visible than others. Let 's see them:

The mountain bike  extends your life, and takes care of your heart.
There is evidence that the heart of a sportsman,in this case the mountain bike user's, is much stronger than that of a sedentary person. The walls of our hearts get thick and the ventricles grow in size so that with each beat our heart it can pump more blood and, as a consequence, the resting heart rate drops considerably.
Consider your heart as a machine that is constantly working throughout your life, without rest. That machine can be from a sedentary person or a person who trains the heart every time he/she rides on a bike, both for a long distance route as a simply walking around your home.

The sedentary person's heart has to do more effort to pump the blood with each beat, while that of a person practicing mountain biking (Road bike,cicloturism,etc) needs to work less to pump the same amount of blood.
Now Imagine every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year ... the difference between the effort made by a sedentary persons heart, compared to the one that has a regular activity, is enormous. This is because  regular cycling  reduces by 20% the risk of heart attacks, will extend and improve the quality of our life.

The mountain bike frees your mind.
The effort done whilst cycling causes your brain to release endorphins(the hormones of happiness)  mood exaltation, and makes you feel comfortable with yourself (and the people next to you will percieve it aswell).

Body fat, muscles and bones.
Probably one of the main reasons for which  people start to cycle is to improve their figure. Just riding two or three times a week, for one hour each time, reduces considerably the body fat level and generates more body growth. The muscles will tone up and grow more, the bones will have a greater capacity to repair themselves and the articulations will become more flexible.

Definitely cycling creates a stronger and more toned body.
Your immune system will get stronger just as much as  your bones, articulations, muscles, respiratory system, heart....without forgetting that we will feel better psychologically and look better aswell (that won't harm).

What are you waiting?  Take today a bike and pedaling!