Clipless pedals MTB

The main reason for not taking the leap into using clipless pedals is the fear of falling ,but if we analyse this we will realise it is hiding a much greater fear.

These falls, which we don't necessarily have, most people experience them when they first use clipless pedals and they tend to be minor as they happen when we stop and don't have the sufficient practice to take our foot off the pedal.

However, those of us who choose not to use the clipless pedals, will surely experience much more serious consequences, as falls can occur when we least expect them, at high speeds and on rough ground.
If our foot comes off the pedal in the middle of a descent at considerable speed this can end in a fall which may be much more serious,and if we avoid falling we can hurt ourselves on the actual bike or cause injury to our shins with the pedals.

Apart from safety reasons there are also other advantages to using clipless pedals:-The form of pedalling is much more effective for improving fitness.

-A correct position of the foot on the pedal helps to avoid bad habits which over time can provoke muscle pain followed by injuries.

-A better control of the bike especially of the back wheel.

Using clipless pedals on your MTB is recommendable, most people who try them don't go back to the classic flat pedals.

 What type of pedals do you use?