Improve your descents skills

The current offer of new Mountain bikes and materials, leads us to make the mistake of believing that with certain materials or with a specific bike we can improve our descents. It's obvious that a good bike helps, but the best progression depends on ourselves.

Normally we give more importance to the machine than to the body but it shouldn't be like this. Improving physical, technical and mental performance, when we make our descent is  easier than it seems.

It's clear we are practising a sport and the better fitness level we have the better technique we can develop.

In particular we must strengthen our arms, forearms and hands. Our safety and enjoyment depends on this and also gives us confidence to better ourselves..
A simple spring that we can use during free time can give us surprising results.
Technique always goes hand in hand with  practice. Try to treat it like a game and practise on steps, ramps and steep hills.
Fix your eyes on a sufficient distance to give you time to react and ride at an  appropriate speed  with enougth inertia for all kinds of obstacles.


Following the wheel of a companion who is descending well is a good way of learning the  correct trail , braking points, maintaining a correct speed at all times and keeping a correct  posture on the  mountain bike.
Unblocking your mind to try more dificult manouvres, as well as achieving a good speed, thinking only about riding and enjoying the incredible sensations that a descent gives you.

 Insecurity, doubt and fear are not  good companions.