Mallorca is a paradise, at everyone's reach

We offer you MTB routes on the Sierra de Tramuntana recently declared part of the World Heritage, to allow you to enjoy cycling, with a good climate, sea and mountains, and routes adapted to your level.

You've just discovered Mountain biking? You get on your bike for  little more than a simple ride? This sport has got you hooked and we put Mallorca at your pedals.
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Are you capable of maintaining a constant speed at a good rhythm? Small ascents/descents aren’t an obstacle for you to continue? If you're looking for fun and competition isn't important for you, this is your level
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Your physical and technical form is good? Your looking for steep slopes and long distance runs, if you're capable of facing any surface, without problems, this is your level.
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You like routes with big obstacles?, you like ground that puts your technical skills to the test.
 Mallorca is The ENDURO PARADISE , and this is your destiny.
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